Asha Pabla

Asha Pabla began her design career as a fabric and textile sourcer with Pressman-Gutman in New York City. Within three months, she was promoted to manager. Asha Pabla oversaw fabric design and production at the fabric company, frequently traveling between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New York offices.

Pabla was subsequently hired on as a junior manager at Miliken & Company, also in New York. She managed three production lines that totalled 45 employees. Her three lines consistently received top quality marks and met deadlines. Consequently, Pabla was promoted to senior manager within her first year of employment.

Pabla later became a fashion designer for Liz Claiborne in New York. She searched the city for design inspiration, often collaborating with in-house design groups. Due to her experience in textiles and eye for design, Pabla’s designs were frequently chosen for line production. She also oversaw quality control, ensuring the production of quality garments with excellent stitching.

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